What is Feitan Rockey Dongle ?

Rockey Dongle is a Software protection lock from a Chinese company. It is generally used in low cost software.

Microcosm Dinkey

Rockey Dongle Models

Rockey Dongle Emulator

As mentioned above, a dongle produced by the Chinese. There are many types. It is an old organization because it has LPT dongle. Consider the Cost Preferred for software. But it is also used by some engineering software.


Rockey has 4 user passwords. When these passwords are known, all kinds of access to the dongle are possible. If we come to other features, it includes Time Stamp, Limit, Operation Limit, Determination of Day Number, module definition and many features in its SDK.

Rockey Emulator Features


Why do I need it?

Because nobody can guarantee what will happen tomorrow with USB and Parallel devices. It may cause short circuit, break or liquid may be spilled on it. You should Protect Yourself against such risks. The Authorized Authority of America DMCA has some Exemptions in this regard. Backing it up for yourself is your most natural Right. Check it out before it’s too late. You can reach us from the e-mail address below.

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