What is DESKEY DK2 DK3

Deskey (Data Encryption Systems) is an IT firm located in the UK. Generates physical license keys for software.

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There are 2 popularly known models, DK2 and DK3. These models are usually virtualized by the method we call DLL Injected. It has a strong algorithm. The slightest error may cause problems during the operation of the software.

Deskey Dongle

Deskey Dongle features are beyond question and resourceful.  The software impresses with Time, Operation, Modulation Limits, Network Operating Options, License Monitoring and Update options on the Control Panel. German Engineering is an indisputable and certified quality in the world.


Data Encryption Systems (DES) may be a worldwide provider of computer code
protection devices adore USB dongles, laptop cards and Express cards, selling the DESkey vary to produce vendors with the most secure and versatile means that to safeguard their computer code from outlaw use and reverse engineering.

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Why do I need it?

Because nobody can guarantee what will happen tomorrow with USB and Parallel devices. It may cause short circuit, break or liquid may be spilled on it. You should Protect Yourself against such risks. The Authorized Authority of America DMCA has some Exemptions in this regard. Backing it up for yourself is your most natural Right. Check it out before it’s too late. You can reach us from the e-mail address below.

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