Microcosm Dinkey

What is Microcosm Dinkey?

Microcosm was established in London in 1980 and moved to Bristol in 1989. is the first company to invent Floppy Copy Protection technology. Nowadays, it operates with several USB Dongle models.

Microcosm Dinkey

Microcosm Dinkey Models

Microcosm Dinkey Emulator

You know, there are floppy disks used in the software protection market in the past. They started out with a format system they developed to Protect what’s inside. Of course, as the Technology Developed. Such things became garbage, but they kept pace with the Technology. USB protection locks with different features are mainly used in the UK region.

Microcosm Dinkey
Microcosm Dinkey

Dinkey’s main feature is to set a Product Code before Locking the Software. Besides, Time Zone Limit and modulation limit are quite strong compared to other competitors.


Microcosm Company is in the UK. Dongels developed by British engineers are used in many companies around the world. The biggest user we know is 3Shape AG, a Danish Company.

Microcosm Dinkey Emulator Features


Why do I need it?

Because nobody can guarantee what will happen tomorrow with USB and Parallel devices. It may cause short circuit, break or liquid may be spilled on it. You should Protect Yourself against such risks. The Authorized Authority of America DMCA has some Exemptions in this regard. Backing it up for yourself is your most natural Right. Check it out before it’s too late. You can reach us from the e-mail address below.

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