Aladdin HASP Hardlock

What is Aladdin HASP ?

Aladdin Information Systems was Established by Jacob in 1985. Aladdin HASP locks, which were produced in parallel at the beginning, have been transformed into USB devices over the years and with the magnificent development of technology. Today, there are companies that use LPT HASP Dongles. Our company helps companies using this kind of old system, turning Paralel devices into USB or virtualizing them into emulators.

Aladdin HASP Models

Aladdin Hardlock HASP Emulator

It has many modules of its message. Some of these have the feature of Working over the Network.

The structures of the hardlock models are different from the others. These models are also available for PCI cards. Compared to other HASP powerful LPTs. It uses seed technology.


When it first came out, it did not have a memory, and users used it with a simple locking method. There are more wonderful features to be found right now. Some of them like Time limit, Number of runs. The feature of separation into modules is tailor-made for users who sell more than one software or want to divide them into modules within the existing software.


The adventure that started with Aladdin Knowledge Systems has changed many hands until today. It bought Safenet in 2009 and then it was transferred to Gemalto company. It is now part of Thales Company. It is transferred to stronger companies every day.

Aladdin HASP Emulator Features


Why do I need it?

Because nobody can guarantee what will happen tomorrow with USB and Parallel devices. It may cause short circuit, break or liquid may be spilled on it. You should Protect Yourself against such risks. The Authorized Authority of America DMCA has some Exemptions in this regard. Backing it up for yourself is your most natural Right. Check it out before it’s too late. You can reach us from the e-mail address below.

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